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Mountain Max Mix Gives You Max Power With Max Taste

daveWorking long days in construction and my love for hiking and hunting in the Utah mountains led me to always carrying snacks in my truck and my pack. After years of same 'ol jerky and trail mix or granola bars I was introduced to a homemade treat that I quite liked. I changed it up and made it my own way and started to carry it around with me. I shared with a few friends and found that they loved it as much as me and would request it often. Several of them encouraged me to produce and market it. So after many years of hearing from many different people... here we are!

I have refined it from a giant slab and cutting it into pieces to forming it into molds to make it just the right size and finding just the right package. Coming up with a name and logo was another big step. It was important to incorporate the mountains into it and the word max because this is better than any bar I had ever tried and I've tried a lot.

When I'm hungry and burning a lot of calories, this will satisfy my hunger and yet give me power and strength to perform with high endurance in a very small light weight package. And the taste... is amazing! It doesn't taste like a granola bar or any other power bar. If you're going to eat something you definitely should enjoy it! And it's good for you too! Try it both room temperature and chilled for different textures and tastes.

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